Some major infrastructure investigation projects include:

• February 2021 – June 2021: A site investigation for new infrastructure at the Pikitup Marie Louise landfill site on land undermined by the now closed Rand Leases Gold Mine directly east of Bram Fischerville. The site is directly south of the landfill and was found to contain illegal mine workings in progress at surface, all of which were closed by an outside contractor during the site investigation.

Because there were reports of numerous shallow tunnels made by the illegal miners it was decided to conduct a micro-gravity survey (5m station spacings) of the entire site and percussion-drill into any gravity lows. The gravity survey indicated a few possible shallow subsurface tunnels and cavities which were confirmed by drilling. The drilling also showed that the mine stopes, although still open, were partially closed from relatively shallow depths. Test pitting, soil profiling and laboratory tests were conducted and a geotechnical report with recommendations for founding of various structures up to two storeys in height was prepared.

• July 2017 – Oct 2019: Dolomitic stability investigation (gravity survey and percussion drilling and also test pitting) for additions to the Tembisa Hospital for founding conditions in
the top 3 m of the soil profile. The immediate client was Ndodana Consulting Engineers. In addition a detailed dolomite risk management plan was prepared for the hospital to administer on a regular basis.

• July – August 2017: Geotechnical investigation (JOSHCO: Selkirk Avenue) for 4 and higher storey buildings for CSM Consulting Engineers as principal agent and the Johannesburg Social Housing Company (JOSHCO) as principal client. Value of investigation: R504830 Excl. VAT

• October – December 2016: Geotechnical investigation for a 9-storey highrise office development in W F Nkomo Street, Pretoria. Client: Aseda Consulting Engineers. Value
of investigation: R163651.00 Excl. VAT

• September – October: 2014: Additions to Government Printing works including a new highrise office block. Client: Ingcali Consulting Engineers, Principal client: Department of
Public Works.

Other more general projects include the following:

• Township establishment in accordance with the SANS 1936:2012 and GFSH-2 specifications, in both dolomitic and non-dolomitic areas. These have mostly been GFSH-2 Phase 1 investigations, however a number of Phase 2 investigations using soil profiles exposed in trenches for bulk services have been carried out. In addition, numerous township formalization investigations were executed in 2000 that included parts of Dundonald, Goederede, Siyabuswa and a number of other townships in Mpumalanga.
Amongst the township establishment investigations executed are those for Luipaardsvlei (Krugersdorp area) on partially undermined land, Amandasig in Pretoria, Kwazamokuhle, and other townships in Mpumalamnga. This company has also conducted a large number of desk studies with walkover feasibility investigation for a large number of projects.

• Geotechnical investigation for water pipeline routes in Vosloorus, Palm Ridge Ext 9, Protea Glen Ext 11, Tsakane Extensions 6 and 8.

• Gautrain Rapid Rail Link Project, Gauteng which involved logging and profiling of test pits, large diameter auger holes, percussion boreholes in dolomitic ground and drill core for almost all of the geotechnical investigations, mainly in dolomitic terrain, for detailed design purposes in the northern section of the Gautrain Route from Marlboro Station to Pretoria Station and to Hatfield. Senior staff also provided major input in establishing engineering geological logging and profiling standards for this project. Contracted staff undertook the evaluation of borehole samples and data for the subsurface grouting of pier positions for Viaducts 5 and 6 on the Gautrain route. Some of these employees were also transferred
to the supervision of the grouting works towards the end of the grouting works phase.

• Nacala Rail Project in Mozambique and Malawi: Supervision for quality assurance purposes of geotechnical drilling and test pitting. Whilst Blue Rock Consulting staff were not directly involved in the logging of core boreholes and test pits their function was to ensure that all aspects of the drilling and test pit investigation were executed to high prescribed standards and to provide solutions to problems that did arise, as well as to provide assistance where necessary to more junior professional staff.

• Geotechnical investigations for numerous bridges in the Limpopo and Mpumalanga provinces.