About the company

Blue Rock Consulting offers a comprehensive range of geotechnical site investigation services. The services include solutions to civil engineering problems where the disciplines of engineering geology, hydrogeology and geotechnical engineering need to be applied.

These services are offered by a network of qualified, competent, professionally registered and extensively experienced geoscientists and geotechnical engineers who carry out all consulting services. Blue Rock is wholly owned by C J (Neil) Gunter who has in excess of 45 years’ experience in engineering geology.

Blue Rock Consulting supports government and industry initiatives and company policies are drawn and implemented in line with such initiatives. The Company seeks to provide opportunities for Historically Disadvantaged Individuals (HDI) and to provide skills training and experience when possible.

Service and Expertise

Blue Rock Consulting offers comprehensive services which include the following:

  • Design level geotechnical investigations for bridges, roads, pipelines and rail routes.
  • Geotechnical Feasibility Studies.
  • Recommendations for special foundations for structures on problematic
  • Subsoil information for the design of structures and buried services.
  • Geotechnical investigations for land development including township establishment projects.
  • Recommendations for soil improvement options and feasibility
  • Dolomitic studies, risk assessment and dolomite risk management plans
  • Project supervision.